Before Your Next Step, Zoom Out and Look at Where You Are

Before moving forward with your next step you sometimes have to stop and zoom out and look at where you are.

Zooming Out of the Jungle

  • This could be in terms of the timeline of your journey, the stages to date, where everything or everyone else you need is on their journey.
  • You need to determine:  Are you expecting too much too soon? Do you have the time and the money? Even your geographical position or your current mindset may impact on how you move forward.
  • We can get so lost in the jungle of life that we forget the bigger picture and sometimes even the original reasons behind the journey!
  • Using the idea of zooming out will help you take a breather and survey your world and the components driving progress.
  • You may find some aspects are now not needed and others need more attention.
  • Relative to where you started you might be pleasantly surprised with your progress

Once you’ve zoomed out and had time to have a good look and a good think, You’ll then know what to do next and then you can zoom back in and get on with the journey forward!

Video Link Zooming Out of the Jungle

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