Filter Out the Low Level Disruption in Your Day

It’s so easy to get distracted by all the low level disruption in your day.

You set out to get a task completed and before you know it you’re responding to emails and social media, you’re letting people into your thinking space with their issues and problems or you’re huffing and puffing because you’re stuck in traffic.

Sometimes you have to just not go there and try to filter out the physical and emotional distractions. For example:

  • plan in time for emails and social media and turn them off until then.
  • Tell people you don’t want to lose your focus but will happily talk to them later
  • if you have to wait in traffic turn on the radio, look around you and find the things that will keep your mind calm and focused e.g. look at how dramatic the weather is, observe the behaviour of others, run through what you will do when you get to your destination, celebrate what you have achieved already, listen to a motivating song, tune into a talk show
  • whatever you do keep your mind calm to avoid becoming emotionally drained by the things you can’t change
  • You’ll arrive fresher and more able to deal with the next stage of the task list
  • often your reaction to ‘noise’ in your life is based on what you’ve always done so, try and break the habit

If you want to shorten the journey time to the end of a task and arrive in a balanced mindful state ready for the next challenge, then try changing your approach and filter out the noise.

Video Link: Filter out the Noise

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