Make Time to Take the Pressure Off

No matter how hard you work, or how into something you are, you will risk ‘burn out’ if you don’t take time out to reward or distract yourself, by doing something totally different for a short period.

  • Taking ‘the pressure off’ will mean different things to different people
  • Ideally you should decide where and when and then work as much as you can up to that point and switch to the reward or distraction activity
  • It could be an evening out, a bit of decorating or learning a new skill. It could be a shorter break like a swim or cycle
  • Do something physical if your current project involves a lot of mental energy
  • Choose a mentally taxing focus  if your usual activity involves a lot of physical exertion
  • Don’t just sleep loads or over indulge as these will throw you way off task and the momentum will drop
  • Remember you’re just taking a bit of pressure off, not going AWOL!

You’ll be surprised at how fresh and refocused you can be after channelling your energy somewhere different, even for a short period.

Video Link: Time To Take the Pressure Off

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