Surround Yourself With Opportunities to be Nudged in the Right Direction!

Sometimes we all need an incentive or an easy way into making those first few steps of a project or goal.

Give Yourself A Nudge

  • One way is to start with what is known as the ‘low hanging fruit’. These are actions that can be undertaken quickly and easily
  • Sometimes you need an incentive to get started. For example: ‘I’ll work hard for 3 hrs and then reward myself with time out watching my favourite TV show or arranging lunch with a friend’
  • You could try having  quotes on the walls of your office or home like: ‘Don’t count the days, make the days count’
  • You could place inspirational photos on your desk, such as, people who inspire you or who you are doing it for, or even a key destination
  • Sometimes you just need to change your routine by getting an early night or setting your alarm earlier so you get a head start

A nudge can help get you up and running either at the beginning or if you lose focus at any point on the journey.

So, always surround yourself with opportunities to be nudged in the right direction!

Video link:  Give Yourself A Nudge

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